Restaurant review: Bill’s

This location of Bill’s Omotesando Restaurant is located in Tokyo Plaza Omotesando in the Harajuku district of Tokyo (there are several in Tokyo including one in Gaza). 

The restaurant itself is quite modern and has a modern/hip vibe to it. Everything is very clean, modern, and quite nice. The coolest feature of the restaurant are all of the bookshelves and rows of books that decorate the back-walls of the restaurant. With the large windows, it makes the restaurant feel very wide open and larger than it looks.

The food itself is very good, mixing traditional Japanese cuisine with western influences. If you were looking for avocado toast (don’t do that by the way) in Tokyo, I felt this place would be the place to go. The prices were fairly reasonable considering where we were in Tokyo and the food quality is very good. 

I ordered an appetizer of chicken karaage which was great which included a nice dipping sauce when my friends and I stopped back in 2019. We just needed a quick, causal meal and it was great. I also fell in love with a house made ginger soda that was quite tasty and refreshing, especially after making our way from Shibuya Station and exploring the area. I still wish I had ordered a few more of those or could at least find it again, but alas, I have never been able to.

The restaurant gets quite busy (during normal times) so just keep that in mind as you may have to wait for a table and the waiting area is very small. We ended up hanging out in the stairwell while we waited for a small table, so just keep that in mind. Overall, it’s a nice restaurant and a good place to stop for a mid-day meal in the Shibuya area.

Shibuya City
Tokyo 150-0001 Japan

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