5 bad things about Tokyo

Tokyo is an incredible city that is near and dear to my heart, but there are some things that aren’t so great about it (at least for a tourist like myself). Here are five things I have discovered in Tokyo that may turn people away. 

Not the real Japan – There is more to Japan than the crazy capital. So many places throughout Tokyo are geared for tourists and can turn people off due to the crowd sizes. Often spots are just small representations of other great areas of Japan and often fail to do justice for other places around Japan. This is why it is encouraged to get away from Tokyo to see what this country can really offer.

Too busy – If you are looking for peace and quiet, Tokyo is not the place for you. I wrote in the things I love about Tokyo that it is always in motion, always something going on and that is true and it is something I love about the city. However, finding a little peaceful spot is also good and it is hard to find throughout Tokyo. Little green spots like Yoyogi Park and others are probably the best spots but they are few and far between throughout Tokyo. 

US influence – If you are wanting to escape from the influence of US business and media, you will find it hard to do while in Tokyo. While symbols and brands of the US are everywhere you go in the world (You cannot escape Coca-Cola), they are even more present in Tokyo. From clothing brands to McDonalds and other restaurants, a bit of home (if you are from the states like I am) is around every corner.  I mean, even Denny’s is in Tokyo.

Don’t expect best friends – People are very friendly throughout Japan and in Tokyo, but because it is so packed, busy, and many heading to the next business meeting (just the feel the city gives off to me) it can be hard to find something to talk to on the street. You are more likely to find someone to talk to in other cities like Kyoto and others. Tokyo is just so busy it makes it harder to find someone to talk to because no one has time to stop (most of the time).

Expensive – Japan has a reputation for being expensive and while it is kind of true, there are plenty of ways to find bargains and still travel in style. However in Tokyo, expect to spend a little bit more money than you would in smaller towns, it’s just how it goes. Again, there are ways to avoid paying the big costs for food and other gifts, however, in Tokyo, you will find it more expensive when compared to the other cities throughout the country.

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