Boring places in Tokyo

Have you ever gone to a place that you thought would be incredible but it ended up being kind of a let down? It didn’t quite live up to all of the hype you read about and wonder how it got such great reviews on Trip Advisor? Here are a few of those in Tokyo that you should rethink before planning an entire day around these sites. 

Imperial Palace – The ancient palace is incredible, just look at all of the pictures however, there is not a lot to do once you get there. Yes, the grounds are beautiful and the gates, moats, and monuments are quite incredible to see in, but once you have had your fill of pictures and history, it’s time to move on and find something else to do. Plus there are the crowds that make it hard to get the perfect picture so just be ready for that.

Tokyo Tower – Tokyo Tower is a big tourist trap, you have been warned. The observation deck is not the highest in the area, costs a lot, is usually crowded. Plus the rest of the tower is nothing but a souvenir shop that is geared for tourists. If you want to find an observation deck, instead spend half the money and head to Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. Save your money and avoid the insane crowds that flood this place. 

Gundam in Odaiba – The massive gundam in Odaiba (not the Gundam experience that is also over there, that’s a different spot), is an iconic statue that lights up and makes noise throughout the day. It is a cool statue and worth a photo if you are in the area, but outside of that, there is not a lot to do in the area outside of shopping at the numerous malls in the area. 

Tokyo Station area – The train station is a central transportation hub, but outside of that, there is not a lot to do around the area (aside from shop and eat). The area around the station is more for business with companies and their headquarters setting up shop in the downtown area. If you are looking for a quiet spot the area is quite nice, but if you are looking for the nightlife of Tokyo, keep looking. 

Sumo – Ryogoku – If sumo is in season, then this area is going to be a must see. From practices, training, and matches, sumo is exciting but it has its seasons. If it is out of season in Tokyo, there is not a lot to see in the Ryogoku area aside from some great restaurants and the sumo museum, but aside from that, the area is just a pleasant neighborhood without a go-to spot like the rest of Tokyo has. 

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