Points of interest around Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a must see while visiting Osaka but there is also plenty to see and do around the castle itself. Here are a few points of interest while exploring the surrounding area.  

Castle grounds – The castle grounds themselves are simply incredible. Just walking through the gates and around the outside of the castle really puts into perspective just how big this castle is and you can even imagine the daunting task it would have been for an invading army. The gates to the castle alone are huge and are awe inspiring!

Main castle – The main castle itself is incredible to visit (if you want to spend the extra Yen). It is a museum but still allows you to make your way to the top to take in the incredible views of the area. Just be prepared for some steep steps as you make your way to the top. It cost around 600 Yen to enter the main castle as well, so just keep that in mind when you visit. 

Photos – The castle and surrounding grounds are a photographer’s dream. There are countless places to set up to capture incredible images of the castle and the urban sprawl that surrounds the castle grounds. Make sure to time it just right at either sunrise or set to get some incredible images against the skyline.

Entertainment – As you approach the castle itself, there is going to be plenty of entertainment. From people watching, to a spot that allows you to dress in Samurai armor, to live music, there is always a show of some kind happening in front of the castle, so enjoy the vibes of the crowds as you explore around. 

Gardens – The Nishionarmu Gardens are a great place to visit while exploring the grounds (300 Yen to enter). It is also a must visit spot for Hanami during cherry blossom season. It also has a tea garden inside the garden grounds that is available to visit as well (for a small fee). It also offers views of the castle itself but the garden is the attraction here. 

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