5 places to stop around Shibuya Crossing

The Shibuya Crossing is the busiest pedestrian street crossing in the world, seeing thousands make their way across each light (during normal times). And while crossing it in person is something to experience, there are also other things to see in the area.

Hachiko Statue – Hachiko is a famous Akita dog that loyally waited for its master at the train station for over 9 years (the story is incredible). The dog became such a story and symbol to the Japanese people that a statue was erected in honor of him. The statue is a very famous photography and meeting spot for both locals and tourists alike. 

Shibuya 109 – Shibuya is a large department store across the street from Shibuya Station and serves as a landmark in the area because of its location to the scramble. The store is a shoppers dream, so make your way across the scramble and shop for any kind of fashion you can dream of.

Starbucks – I know, not the most Japanese thing, but if you are in need for a caffeine fix, stop at the Starbucks and make your way upstairs to get a one of the better views of the scramble in the area. 

The scramble itself – The scramble itself is something else. During normal times (when crowds could still gather safely), thousands would make the crossing at a time and over 200K a day would travel across this little section of pavement. Just making your way across is an adventure because you can feel the hustle of Tokyo in just a short street crossing (plus the sound of the count down before traffic resumes!). 

Hikarie Shibuya – The new Hikarie Shibuya is a large mall with tons of restaurants and shops to explore. And on top of that, it also has some incredible views of the scramble area, allowing you to get up much higher than other surrounding buildings (like the Starbucks) to get a great view of the area.  

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