Best tour booking websites for Japan

Booking a tour or experience in Japan is always a good idea. It helps you beat the long lines and can often save you a few dollars along the way while helping you explore this incredible country. Here are some websites I have used in the past and recommend for future trips. 

Note: I am not sponsored by any of these sites but if they want to do so in the future, let’s talk). 

Tokyo Cheapo – Tokyo Cheapo is a great website because it has some of the most up to date information on sites and events in Japan, linking you to them and helping you find the best deal at the same time. As their website states, it helps you find the best and cheapest deal they can, saving you money and helping you book an incredible adventure at the same time.

Viator – Viator is a great tour booking website that looks up big group tours or even smaller ones in various cities in Japan (and across other countries around the world). Their website is very easy to use and their customer service is great if you need any help or have questions on anything you are attempting to book.

Japanican – Japanican is a website dedicated to tours, experiences, and even hotel deals throughout Japan. If you are looking for any kind of experience, you will find it on this website. They even have multiple day packages that can help you book hotel and transportation between cities, taking a lot of guesswork out of it if that is how you want to travel. 

AirBnB – Of course AirBnB is on here and it’s through its experiences section that make it a great way to see Japan and book tours, or experiences as they call it, along the way. I was able to book a fun anime/manga tour back in 2017 in Akihabara that was one of the highlights of my first trip to Japan. I also used this site to book our incredible Shinjuku night tour here as well, so it is a great tool to use when you prepare a trip to Japan. 

Expedia – Expedia is an old website, but it still works and has some tour options that you can book through them. I choose Expedia over other sites like Orbitz and others like it because I have simply used it in the past, it has never given me any issues, and I tend to like reliable websites. It’s a good, reliable website that works so why mess with a classic?

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