Top 5 great things about Osaka

Osaka is Japan’s second largest city and is full of incredible places to see and eat at. While similar to Tokyo, it can also be worlds’ apart but still full of amazing places for everyone. Here are five ways Osaka is simply incredible. 

Very modern – Osaka is a very modern city, much like Tokyo is. It’s metro system is fantastic, hotels are great, and restaurants are some of the best in the world. If you like the modern city and all it has to offer (like I do) and are far from Tokyo, Osaka is a great place to visit and see. It has enough old along with the modern city for anyone to enjoy. 

Street food everywhere – As “Japan’s Kitchen” Osaka is known for its food and street vendors are some of the best options you can find while exploring the city. Starting in Dotonbori and into Namba, there are vendors everywhere selling from takoyaki to fried tofu, there are all kinds of foods for any appetite and any budget. Make sure to find one and order some food while you explore the city. 

Aquarium – The aquarium is a big reason to visit the city. Kaiyukan Aquarium is a must see because it so diverse with an incredible biodiversity of animals. From the incredibly massive whale sharks to the creepy Japanese spider crabs, there are so many amazing creatures that you will not find anywhere else and are all in one place. Plus the area around the aquarium is a lot of fun to explore with dining options all around plus the open water of Osaka Harbor right in front of you. 

More friendly – Osaka is busy just like Tokyo is but you will find the people throughout Osaka a lot more approachable than in the capital city. The Japanese are usually very kind and will help you if you are in a bind, but the people in Tokyo are usually more business-like and do not have as much time to stop and chat. In Osaka, you will find them a lot more friendly and if you are looking for a conversation, you will find it more often in Osaka. 

Something to see – Osaka is the blend of a modern city like Tokyo (just a little bit smaller) but also has the incredible Japanese countryside around, giving it a great blend of places to go and see. If you are interested in old temples and shrines, there are plenty to see and then you can then head into the modern city to see all it has to offer. It is a great place to be if you want to get a taste of everything Japan has to offer. 

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