An update on the blog

I posted two weeks ago that I was taking a little bit of a break and I wasn’t kidding, it has been tumble weeds across this blog and my socials and I have to say, I needed it.

I am writing this short post to check in after some time to catch up and lay out where things are at. First and foremost, I needed the break. If you read the last blog post, you know my dreams about what I want this site to become but after some time, burn out was fast approaching so I hit the pause button before I threw in the towel. I have written a few blogs before and I know my mental state better than others, burn hits and for the first time, I decided to pause instead of throwing in the towel .

So what does this it mean moving forward? To be honest, I am still working on that. I want to keep this blog going but I needed the pause and still am working on what I want to do moving forward. However, for the handful that read the blog (and I love you all!) I just wanted to post this and let you know that I am not going away, but just needing to hit the reset button and get things on the right track and get them to work for me.

Consider this a little update that I am still around and still working to figure out what to do. I am going to have another post within the next week (or even sooner) on another update on the site, so there are some baby-steps coming for the blog. I have blogs lined up (from before the break) and am even heading on a trip soon (it’s for work, but I’ll be getting on the plane for the first time in over a year) so that is also a thing to keep an eye on.

Once again, thank you for reading and hanging with me. I know I am a strange blogger and have left many in the dark, I promise I am going to get back into the grove sooner than you think.

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