Update to the site and a request!

I made a change to the blog as I slowly work back into the blogging the world. I have removed the follow button that was on the right side of the page and replaced it with the follow by email widget for the blog.

As I try to revamp the blog and get more serious (and more dedicated at the same time), building an email list is going to be a part of it. So, if you would, please sign up via email. It will allow you to get the latest blog posts sent directly to you so you won’t have to rely on social media to find the latest and greatest on the blog.

And no, I am not going to sell your email address to anyone and you will not get flooded with a bunch of random stuff asking for clicks, likes, etc., I’m not that kind of blogger. Instead, I want to build a strong email list that will get updates on the blogs, future projects, and eventually future trips in the future. It’s all part of a long term plan to become a better blogger, so it starts with little steps like this.

So please, sign up via email on the blog, spread the road, and share the post if you can, it would mean a lot to me! Thank you in advance!

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