Battling anxiety before the trip

The Denver trip is fast approaching but I can’t lie, the usual calm and confidence I have is not there (or at least not yet) and anxiety is running a bit high with just two weekends to go before taking to the skies.

As I talked about in the last post, while I am prepared and vaccinated, the anxiety is really starting to set in. I’m as safe as I can be but the idea of traveling on a plane, staying at a hotel, and away from the safety of home is weighing on my mind.

I guess I just have this strange feeling that is still not safe no matter what precautions I can take or the trend in lowering numbers is. I am just still in my bunker mentality and it’s a little hard to shake out of that mind set. I have been able to slowly start to get out more, hitting stores more often but always masking up (as we all should and continue to do) but not going out unless I absolutely have to).

It’s something I will have to face, front and center, in just over a week and I’m hoping my mind and energy can face it head on. This is a work trip so I’m sure the long hours of work will take over but the anxiety before is what I am going to dealing with, leading up to the trip and throughout it.

However I know I am not alone. There are people that still won’t even go to a store at this stage, so I can at least put things in perspective and recognize what my brain is contending with for this trip. It feels odd to admit to having anxiety but I can do so this time around because I can almost feel a weight on my shoulders for this trip.

Sorry this blog (and even the last one) have not been the most joyful kinds of posts, instead more real and at the moment. I will have another blog coming to talk about material that is coming (types, scheduling), so that will at least be a little bit more upbeat.

Lastly, it’s completely normal and fine to face anxiety, it’s human so never feel bad about it. It’s human nature!

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