Flying during a pandemic

Last Monday was the first time I have flown since the start of the pandemic and I will admit, I was nervous despite being as prepared as I could.

After 18+ months, I finally packed my suitcase and headed to the airport for my first flight since 2019 (when I went all the way to Tokyo). This was a much shorter trip this time around, a week in Colorado (for work, so no exploring), but it was still a flight. I would be leaving the comfort and safety of my home and entering a world where I had less control and as I said before, I was nervous. The entire night before I barely slept and felt my hands shake while booking the Uber to the airport the following morning.

Yet, despite being so nervous, once I finally got to the airport, I calmed down. The nerves went away and my mind shifted to getting through security and finding my gate. It was kind of like a switch had been flipped and all the fears of Covid and travel went to the back of my mind and the usual struggles to get to your flight took over.

Of course the precautions were always present, like wearing masks throughout, constantly washing your hands, and keeping a distance from others, but aside from that, it felt like it always did. Moving around the airport didn’t feel any different throughout the airport, even while on the plane itself.

Flying 3+ hours to Denver was normal, lining up with the A boarding group with Southwest was normal, it was just with a mask and limited options like for drinks and snacks while flying. I’ll have another blog soon with a few points about what it’s like on the plane itself, but that is for another blog.

Overall, flying is a little stressful and anxiety is a real thing, but if you are like me, that will quickly go away once you are navigating the airports. It is certainly still a strange time to travel these days, I just hope they improve more and more each day.

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