Love of TPA

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Tampa International Airport (TPA) is my hometown airport and I will stand by the fact that it is the best airport in the country for many reasons.

Speed – From the curb to your gate, it usually only takes about 20 minutes to get through security and to your plane at TPA. The main gates are located within a short distance from the main ticket booths, making life easy. The TSA lines are also designed well with the gates right behind them, making it even easier to get to your gate in a short period of time. I have traveled to a lot of airports in the US and have never seen one as fast or as efficient as Tampa is.

Restaurants – Airports aren’t known for their dining options side from a Chili’s and some fast food places, but TPA is different. Inside there are tons of dining options, ranging from to-go to sit down restaurants that feature Tampa favorites like Ulele, Goody Goody, Shula’s, Rumfish, PDQ, and others to the traditional grab-and-go. If you are in a hurry or have time, there are plenty of great food options in TPA that are above and beyond any other airport.

Beautiful – Airports like JFK, Phoenix, and others are all the same with the long hallways, cramped seating at gates, and have that general gloomy, tunnel feeling to them. TPA on the other hand is very open with the large windows throughout the terminals, bringing in the natural sunlight which gives the airport that open feeling to it. It’s main walkway is also very wide, allowing people to come and go without running into each other.

Free Wi-fi – Some airports charge for wi-fi access or have some of the worst and slowest connections you will ever find. This is not the case at TPA where the wi-fi is both free and super fast (and reliable). It is nice to known you can stay connected while at TPA and not have to eat up your data at the same time.

Power – Finding a seat with a plug-in is often hard to find at airports and is usually prime real estate. However, TPA has that covered with tons of seats with convenient electrical plugs. They also have tons of work stations as well if you need to open up your laptop to get some last minute work done before you fly out. It’s an awesome feature and again, not that common in other airports throughout the US.

It is safe to say I love TPA. I’m not a fan of airports as they are usually a hassle, no matter which city you are in, however, TPA is different. It’s speed, amenities, and overall experience actually make getting to the airport early for a flight quite delightful.

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