Dealing with flight delays

Just a few weeks ago Southwest Airlines was cancelling thousands of flights and now American Airlines are doing the same thing for various reasons. While these delays and cancellations are a major pain, there are a few things you can do to help get through them and be prepared in case it happens to you.

The reasons behind the cancellations are numerous, from weather to staff shortages throughout the country due to mistakes by the airlines. When looking for reasons though, try not to fall for fake stories or rumors on social media, they are usually pushing an agenda, which is not how to get the right information regarding these delays and cancellations, but moving on!

When a flight is either delayed or cancelled, there is not a lot that can be done right away. Airlines will usually do their best to find you another flight, but that doesn’t help you when you are standing at the ticket booth trying to figure out why you can’t get to your next destination. So what is there to do?

The first is to work directly with the airline itself and find a different flight or book another one in the following days. This is never ideal for anyone, but when your hands are tied, it might be your only option if you are trying to get out of town or back home. Also keep an eye on other airlines as they may have different options that are more convenient or at a better price. Apps likes Expedia and others are lifelines during a flight issue. A lot of people are loyal to one or two airlines, but sometimes flying on another airline is the best option. Just because American Airlines is having issues doesn’t mean another isn’t ready to go.

And while it probably is not the best option or the most fun, but there are trains and car rentals. Again, this doesn’t work too well from New York to California, but across a state, it could be an option that many don’t even think about.

Another note and a big one is to be nice and decent to the staff at the airports, help on the phone, or whoever you come in contact with while dealing with potential delays. The people working at the airports and trying to handle tons of angry and frustrated people are not the reason your flight has been cancelled or changed, they are simply doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Try to put yourself in their shoes and then think about how it would be to be berated over something out of your power, not fun, right? Being angry is natural when you are heading to the airport to find out your flight has been cancelled, but taking it out on a poor person working for minimum wage at the gate is not the way to go. Breathe and be an adult and find a solution.

Lastly, this is nothing new at this point and will likely being a problem with the increased demand on travel this holiday season. So what to do? Well, be prepared. Build in days in case you are delayed or your flight gets cancelled. It is not ideal, but after nearly two years of a pandemic, most people have been able to adapt to the every changing world and this is just another thing we all will have to adjust to. Staff shortages and issues are everywhere, people just have to work and learn to live through this time. Remember when people were fighting for toilet paper a year ago? Just always know it could be a lot worse.

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