Flying Southwest – What’s different today?

As I stated in an earlier post, I haven’t been on a plane since the pandemic began back in 2020, so going through security and boarding a plane was all a new experience for me in the era of Covid. But what is different on the planes these days? Here are a few things I noticed on Southwest.

Mask up – This is nothing new these names, but compared to two years ago, masks are the new standard throughout the airport and on the plane. The only time you can lower your mask is while eating or drinking (and that is not that often), which holds true for either the airport and the plane alike. I know wearing a mask can be a pain, but it’s for safety, so following the safety and slight pain is worth knowing you are protected as best as you can be.

Limited drink options – The drinks were limited on the flight for Southwest. The options for juices, alcohol (more on this next), and other sodas were limited to just a handful. And these limited options had to be given to the flight attendants via a hand sign instead of taking your mask off during the flight. It was a weird experience and it is something to know before boarding.

No alcohol – Something that was very different was the lack of alcohol available on the plane and the announcement that requested people that had brought alcohol on the flight to not consume it while during the flight. In the past, people were able to have an alcoholic drink while flying or could even buy one during the flight, but has been suspended for now. I would assume it has been done due to the rise in combative passengers that are being stupid and causing issues all over the place. I think it’s a smart move and might help stop more incidents down the road.

Boarding still the same – One thing that has not changed with Southwest is the boarding process. The boarding groups (A, B, C) and the 1-30 and 31-60 are still the way this airline groups people to board. I wish things would have improved with this process or at least the social distancing, but that was not the case for my flights. Everyone still lined up close, took forever to board the plane, and even longer after the plane had landed.

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