What to pack during a pandemic

While traveling during the pandemic, there are a lot of things to pack, but these are some of the most important things to make sure are in your bag before you walk out the door.

Lysol wipes – Even before the pandemic, Lysol wipes were must when traveling to airports, planes, hotels, etc. However, during the pandemic, it would almost be insane to walk out the door without the wipes or some way to sanitize your surroundings. While it might be a pain to have to sanitize spots when you sit down, having these wipes can help you protect yourself and give you peace of mind and avoid dirty surroundings.

Reusable water bottle – Just because it’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t still be eco-friendly and use a reusable water bottle while traveling. The plus side of it is, you get to keep the bottle and know where it has been at all times. When you grab a drink out of the cooler, you have no idea who has touched it, so just keep that it mind when you are on the move.

Vitamin C – Staying healthy and supporting your immune system is always critical on every trip, but even more so now during the pandemic. One way to do this is with Vitamin C as it helps support your immune system. There are different supplements out there along with a balanced diet, both help put the right vitamins into your body, which will keep you healthy. It can be easy to forget or just overlook something like this, but it can be critical in keeping you as healthy as possible.

Light weight jacket – It is smart to always carry a light weight jacket with you, no matter where you go and what kind of weather you may be facing. Going from a warm environment into a cold one can be rough to deal with and catching a chill can be bad for your health. If your jacket is water resistant, that is even better as keeping your body warm and temperature well-regulated is the best way to stay healthy while you are traveling.

Battery back-up – Still a must whenever and wherever you travel, is to have a reliable and fully charged power bank with you. You never know when you will need to recharge your phone and if you can’t find a plug or don’t feel like crawling under a dirty table to plug your phone in, having a back-up in your bag is the way to go.

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