Hotel Review: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is one of the oldest and largest hotels in all of downtown Denver. It recently went through some major and must-needed renovations that brought it up to the modern era. After spending a week and working a conference at the hotel, here are my thoughts on some of the major points on the hotel.

Rooms – The rooms at the Sheraton have gone through a modern renovation, adding a sleek look to them with new furniture and neutral colors that make the room feel large and very open (for the standard rooms). The work desk is motorized, which is a nice touch and, in standard rooms, there is a work chair and a more plush chair which is great for when you need a break from work. The rest of the rooms are modern and clean. I did like the tile in the entrance way when then switched to carpet in the living area of the room, separating the two areas. The bathroom was also nice, with great lights and a new modern shower with sliding doors. Overall, it was a nice room and was a great place to stay for a week.

Facilities – Let’s talk facilities. The hotel itself went $80 million in renovations that included both the rooms and the facilities, including the conference area in the main Plaza Tower. This is where I worked a conference for a week, so I was able to learn, explore and see all of it and all I can is, it is was clean and solid. If you have ever worked in a conference, then you know all convention and conference areas are all about the same. They are full of open rooms with chairs, large open spaces, and plenty of areas for groups to hold their conventions. The hotel had some old wood fixtures and ugly carpet with floral designs in the past but if you want to find them, they are still found in the Tower Building, the second tower of the hotel. I have no idea why the hotel would only do renovations in one tower and not the other, but it’s how it is for now and there are conference rooms in the Tower Building.

Restaurants (dining) – Dining is a struggle at this hotel. There is the 16th Street Commons, which is the center bar area in the Tower building that is open for all meals, but does close fairly early at night. Aside from that, there is the Yard House, which shares an entrance inside the hotel which is the best spot to get a meal (no breakfast though) as it is a full sports bar with a large menu in both terms and food. As for room service, eh, it’s lacking. The menu is super short and the quality is absolutely terrible, so avoid that, and just leave the hotel to get a good meal. The hotel is on the 16th Street Mall, which is lined with tons of dining options, so just get out and find a better spot.

Everything else – The main entrance and heart of the hotel is quite nice. The lobby is open with white tile and plenty of seating both at the bar area and casually near some fire places both inside and out. The central bar is also a nice addition as it serves as a place for all meals and is a great spot to meet up with others at any time of the day. The main Tower Building, where the entrance is, is the heart and focus point of the hotel (along with the conference area). The rest of the Plaza Tower is still a bit dated which includes some of the conference rooms and the gym (which is decent enough).

Overall, the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel is a very nice hotel and is centrally located in the heart of downtown. The rooms are clean and very modern, which I enjoyed. The main heart of the hotel, the Tower Building, is super nice but the other side of the hotel is in need of an update.

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