Restaurant Review: Suke 6 Diner

Time for another restaurant review and this one is quite different, Suke 6 Diner. Suke 6 Diner is a small diner located in Asakusa that feels more like a California spot than a small café in Japan. 

I found this Diner while looking for breakfast while staying in Asakusa back in 2019 (the final day of that trip). I am not a huge fan of traditional Japanese breakfast foods (Miso soup and rice are not what I am looking for early in the morning) but found this spot in the shadow of Tokyo Skytree and enjoyed it.

The Diner itself feels like it was plucked right out of California with its layout, décor, and very western menu, including avocado toast. The inside is very modern with an industrial theme to it. The wait staff even have on leather aprons that add to the ascetics of the restaurant. Even the food is served on very industrial-looking wooden cutting board, lending more and more into that trendy, California-vibe (almost a little hipster, if you can find that in Japan). 

The food itself was great. I had some scrambled eggs along with bacon, something that is not common for a Japanese breakfast and it was delicious. The prices were very reasonable for what I ate and the staff was very nice and accommodating to any questions or additions you had to your order. The menu was in English and they spoke enough English to help if you wanted to modify your order.

What I loved most about this restaurant was just the charm of it. It was very small, quaint and felt very relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of the Asakusa area. With the Sumida River just across the way and Tokyo Skytree in the near distance, it was a very nice way to start a morning in Tokyo. 

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are exploring Tokyo and are looking for a trendy, little breakfast spot (I can only speak about breakfast, but I’m sure the rest of their menu is good). It’s a great place to get a very good meal at a good price before exploring Sensoji Temple or the other big landmarks just down the street. 

1-11-1 Hanakawado 1F-2F
Taito 111-0033 Tokyo
Open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM (check the hours and days before looking you head to this spot)

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