How to get around Orlando and avoid I-4

This is going to be a very quick blog and is mainly for people who have never traveled to Orlando or haven’t been driven I-4 in that area in a while. This is going to tell you about a road that goes around Orlando and avoids the attractions (Disney, etc.) and downtown itself, all together.

If you have ever traveled to Orlando or through it, you know how bad I-4 is. 24-7 construction, traffic all the time, awful road conditions that never get repaired, and just the volume of people in the Orlando metro area making driving through it a nightmare. Just mention the road to anyone in the state and you’ll get a look of disgust and hatred, it’s just that kind of road.

So how on Earth do you avoid it? Is there a road that can go around it but doesn’t take you along some rural roads out in the middle of nowhere, well, the answer is YES.

Opened in 1988, State Road 417 is a toll road that runs East to West and goes around the Orlando-metro area. It’s a toll road that has 6 toll booths along its entire 55 mile (give or take) distance that accepts the Sun Pass, EZ-Pass, and still takes cash.

So what makes this road so great? Simply, you avoid driving on I-4 through the Orlando metro area. Coming from Tampa, the 417 picks up around the Celebration area and if you drive its entire distance, takes you to the Sanford area (30 minutes or so from Daytona Beach). For those who want to use the road but still want to get into Orlando, the 417 has multiple exits for the attractions, Orlando Airport, and the exit ramps for Miami and other major roadways that connect in the area.

It’s a great expressway that avoids the awful I-4 through it’s worst part, downtown Orlando. I recommend using it whenever you need to get around Central Florida, it is worth every dime to use it.

2 thoughts on “How to get around Orlando and avoid I-4

  1. I love that you made a post just about how terrible I-4 is haha great tip, though! I think this is the road my family in the area uses.


    1. I go out of my way to avoid I-4 and in the Orlando area, there is nothing worse than that road. Paying the tolls is worth every cent!


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