Travel is opening – How to prepare

A lot of countries are beginning to re-open their borders as Covid cases come down (in some areas) and vaccination numbers go up. So how should you prepare if you getting ready to travel once again? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pack your bags and book that trip.

Research – Research and research again! There is a lot of information out there and it is constantly being updated as policies and rules continually change with the pandemic situation. The best thing to do is to research which ever country you are preparing to travel to, and go directly to the country’s State Department, travel bureau, etc. to find out the exact information you need to enter the country. You cannot rely on social media or blogs, as they may be incorrect or have not updated their information. Instead, go directly to source to get the best and most up to date information you can.

Be flexible – It’s a moving chess board out there. Rules and restrictions are constantly changing, airlines are moving flights around, and requirements just to enter places like restaurants is constantly evolving, so you have to evolve with it. If you have to show proof of vaccination and know that could happen, be ready for it. Take a look around and know the world is working through a pandemic, everything had to change and continues to require change, so you just have to adapt. Everyone is being tasked to do something out of the normal routine, so just have that in mind.

Be prepared – This relates to the first point, but being super prepared is the best policy. Doing research is great and will get you ready, but being over prepared is even better. For example, if you know you will need to get a Covid test when you arrive at your destination, know where the testing site is. Know the costs, hours, how to get there, time it takes, etc. and then do that again just in case you need a back up option. Have your paperwork not only complete, but ready to go when you arrive, make copies of it, just be over the top. It creates more work on the front end of your trip, but if a crisis arises while on the road, you will be equipped to handle any situation. Have a back-up for your back-up, it’s the best way to be ready for anything.

Remain calm – Your flight gets cancelled or your trip gets derailed due to some kind of issue, which can make for an awful situation. However, yelling at a ticket agent that is just trying to do their job and had no power to rebook your flight, is not the answer. Look, traveling these days is not easy and can be very frustrating, but know that the people working are doing all they can do so getting angry with them not only makes the situation worse, it will likely get you kicked out of an airport (and rightly so). So don’t be a child, take a deep breath, and look for a solution like an adult. Throwing tantrums and ending up as the next Karen on Youtube is not the path you want to take and does no one any good. Being overly prepared and flexible will also help you here as well.

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